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Client: Dunagarden Ltd | CG artist: János KISS | Date: 2012 |
After the construction of Hotel Dunagarden and Restaurant had been finished, we reedited their image film by adding real life photos and footage taken on site.


Client: Weinberg'93 Ltd | Tasks: Videofilm making | Date: 2011 |
We created an image video about the new steel structure manufacturing plant of Weinberg '93 Ltd. to upload on their website.


Location: Budapest - Hungary | Tasks: Image film making | CG artist: János KISS | Photographer: Péter BUSÁK | Date: 2011 |
In 2011 we were commissioned to design the corporate image of a hotel and restaurant complex under construction, and to make an image video that was part of the communication of the building project. The only problem with the image video was that the hotel itself was but a skeleton structure then. So we shot footage for the video on the Danube, the Ráckeve Danube branch, and in the surroundings of the hotel, using a DSLR camera. We also made the digital 3D modeling of the hotel and its interiors on the basis of the architectural blueprints. We created an animated version of the hotel by tracking back the footage we made previously, which we then inserted into the footage with the help of composite technology. We also composed music for the first half of the video, which we recorded in our home studio. This is how we made an image video for a hotel under construction, which nevertheless shows the final state of the building in its original surroundings.


Client: Weinberg'93 Ltd | Tasks: Building works pixilláció making | Date: 2011 |
We made a pixilation for Weinberg '93 Ltd. to present a construction process.