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Location: Sárospatak | Client: Private | Tasks: Permission plan | Designer: Csaba Livják, János Varga, Gabriella Madari | CG artist: János Kiss | Date: 2014 |
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Location: Balatonakali | Client: | Tasks: | Designer: | CG artist: | Date: 2013 |


Location: Pálosvörösmart - Hungary | Client: | Tasks: Permission and detail plan | Designer: Csaba LIVJÁK | Date: 2012 |
It was a pleasure to design the family house of our friend from the Mátra wine region. The building recalls the form and organic materials used in the heyday of Hungarian wine, but it also incorporates 21st-century environmental consciousness in its structure and engineering.


Location: Veresegyház - hungary | Client: Tamás LÁNG | Tasks: Permission plan | Designer: Csaba LIVJÁK | Date: 2009 |
Our client was emotionally attached to the adobe house he inherited from his grandparents. Thus, he did not opt for tearing down the nearly 100-year-old building but decided to enlarge it so that it could accommodate his family of four. In line with the original organic design of the building, only natural materials were used in the renovation: the loft is supported by wooden beams carved into the walls, the house is insulated with 12cm reed boards, the floor is made from freshwater limestone and soap-treated Scots pine, and the walls are coloured with naturally oxidized mud of various shades. To sum up, a charming and organic house was constructed on the basis of our plans.


Location: Ráczkeve - hungary | Tasks: Sketch plan | Designer: Csaba LIVJÁK, Petra HARASZTI | Date: 2009 |
We reviewed the possibilities for the exterior and interior renovation of our client?s house with an exquisite view on the Danube. The plans are ready; now we are hoping that the renovation will be realized some time in the near future.


Location: Budapest - Hungary | Tasks: Sketch plan | Designer: Csaba LIVJÁK | Date: 2012 |
We contributed to the aesthetic reinterpretation of a client?s flat roof condominium block built in the 1970s in the Buda green belt. It was indeed a great idea to build in the loft of the block, which has an excellent view, and it would have greatly increased the value of the building, as well. Unfortunately, the building regulations of the area made it impossible to realize the plan.


Location: Budapest - Hungary | Client: Ákos BERNÁT | Tasks: Permisson and detail plan | Designer: Csaba LIVJÁK | Date: 2009 |
It was indeed high time to renovate the exterior and interior of the house built in the early 1980s. We rationalized the floor plan of the house, and added a green roof garage.