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Location: Sárospatak | Client: Pékpont Ltd | Tasks: Permission Plan | Designer: Csaba Livják | CG artist: János Kiss | Date: 2013 |


Location: Jászberény - Hungary | Client: KÓD Ltd | Tasks: Industrial building design | Designer: Csaba LIVJÁK | Date: 2012 |
We were asked to design a two-storey workshop and high storage building of more than 5,000m2. The construction permit was submitted only one and a half months after the commission. The architectural board of Jászberény city was really satisfied with our design and highly appreciated its technical content.


Location: Sárospatak - Hungary | Client: Weinberg'93 Ltd | Tasks: Facade Design | Designer: Csaba LIVJÁK | Date: 2010 |
In 2010 our company was commissioned to design the facade of the factory building of Sárospatak-based Weinberg ?93 Ltd. By the end of a nearly six-month-long process of development and testing, we managed to design a globally unique facade cladding system by attributing special features to ordinary metal panel cladding. Our system interactively reacts to the movements of the observer and sunlight, continuously changing the color and contrast of the facade. You can read for more information on this system in Issue 1, Vol. 2011 of METSZET, a professional journal of architecture.
The facade cladding system was awarded with the Architectural Master Award.


Location: Budapest - Hungary | Client: Ghibli Logistik Ltd | Tasks: Office building detail plan | Designer: Csaba LIVJÁK | Date: 2009 |
The office, factory and reception building of Ghibli Logistics, taking up almost 500m2 of surface area and designed with supporting columns, had already been under construction when our company got involved in the planning process. Due to the conflict between the former design firm and the client, the original plans were controversial and superficial, so they were not adequate for construction purposes. As the construction had been well underway, we had to redesign each part of the building while supervising the construction work on a daily basis, and at the same time working under an extremely tight schedule. The result of our strenuous efforts is a meticulously planned building of high quality.


Location: Nagykáta - Hungary | Client: Weinberg'93 Ltd | Tasks: Facade Design | Designer: Csaba LIVJÁK | Date: 2008 |
The structure of the office building had already been completed when Weinberg ?93 Ltd. commissioned us to finalize the construction. We decided to drop the original facade design, which was rich in historical Greek ornamentation, and went for a modern frontal look more suitable for the representation of the CNC machining activities the building was constructed for. We also drafted plans for the interiors. Since much of the building had already been constructed, we had little time to finalize the exterior and interior design: we delivered the plans in not more than two and a half weeks.


Location: Tolcsva | Tasks: Sketch plan | Designer: Csaba Livják, János Varga | Date: 2013 |


Location: Gyomaendrő - Hungary | Client: Mammutech Ltd | Tasks: Industrial building design | Designer: Csaba LIVJÁK | Date: 2012 |
We were commissioned to add a floor space of 800m2 to the already existing factory building of Mamutech Ltd. The company had made extensions to the building before, and we were supposed to repeat the previous process, so to say. However, when we revised the technical details of the previous enlargement, we decided to make dramatic changes to the building. The new materials and statics remodeling we used in the new extension design improved the physical and structural properties of the building, which made the extension easier and cheaper, and the factory building more durable and economical.


Location: Sárospatak - Hungary | Client: Sárospatak Csokoládé Ltd | Tasks: Permisson plan | Designer: Csaba LIVJÁK | Date: 2003 |
This building was designed by our colleague, Csaba Livják. As a young professional, he cooperated with Ybl award winner architect József Kiss to design the building, which is located near the city line of Sárospatak. We still love the formal features of this building, which was our first industrial commission.


Location: Sárospatak - Hungary | Client: Weinberg'93 Ltd | Tasks: Porta kiviteli terv | Designer: Csaba LIVJÁK | Date: 2011 |
The unique and extravagant original concept of the building was worked out by GEON Design Studio. The particulars of the building, however, were designed by N-Gon. We used TRESPA METEON panels for facade cladding, putting a lot of creativity into designing the joints.