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Location: Budapest | Client: MNSK | Tasks: Látványtervezés | CG artist: Kiss János | Date: 2012 |
A Nemzeti Sportközpontok megbízásából készítettünk látványterveket a méltánytalanul magára hagyott tüskecsarnok épületről. Az épület látványtervei a sajóbejelentéshez voltak szükségesek, így számos médiumban megjelentek terveink.


Location: Riqdalin - Libia | Client: Kasib - Alfaprojekt | Tasks: Architectureal visualisation | CG artist: János KISS | Date: 2012 |
We designed the visuals for the newly built main square of the city of Riqdalin, Libya. We had to present the sight of the main square in four different kinds of lighting: daylight, ordinary night lighting, holiday lighting, and event lighting.


Location: Doha - Katar | Tasks: Architectural visualisation | Designer: Katalin MÁTHÉ | CG artist: János KISS | Date: 2012 |
We designed the visuals for an Arabian tea house and its garden planned to be built in one of the oases of Quatar. The basic concept of the project is fascinating, since they use only natural and local materials in the construction. The columns and bars are made of cardboard, and the cylindrical counterforts are built from snake sacks filled with sand. For us the major challenge in this project was to present the atmosphere of the tropic environment, and to retain the natural look of the shadows and the plants.


Location: Mályi - Hungary | Client: Tisza Cash | Designer: Márton LENGYEL, János KISS | Date: 2012 |
This is one of our favourite projects in landscape architecture and visual design, where we were commissioned to freely design the landscape of the inlet of the Mályi Lake. Our colleague, Márton Lengyel designed the beautiful buildings, while János Kiss created the exquisite visuals for the project. The task included the planning of a restaurant, a panorama terrace, a sports shop, changing rooms, sports fields, and a wakeboard track of nearly 800 metres in length. Also, we had to visualize a water bar, a swimming pool, and the park surrounding the water complex. The most unique aspect of the visuals is the rendering of the natural environment, since each and every plant in the images was made digitally, including the grass and the trees.


Tasks: Visalisation | Designer: Korzó Stúdió Ltd | CG artist: János KISS | Date: 2009 |
This project includes an extreme sports park designed earlier. The task was to visualize a skateboard track, a climbing wall, and a bike track. When designing a park with such exposure, we have to take into consideration that only by representing the wear and tear of the tracks can we give a realistic visual presentation to them. Thus, we faced the professional challenge as to how to make the surfaces look old and used: we managed to do so by putting multiple composite layers and channels of dirt, cracks and melts on one another, in order to perfectly render concrete, rubber and asphalt surfaces.


Location: Riqdalin - Libya | Client: Kasib - Alfaprojekt | CG artist: János KISS | Date: 2012 |
Our client contracted us to create visuals of the new architectural symbols of the city of Riqdalin, Libya. Apart from finding the perfect design for the visuals, the major task in this project was also to plan the atmosphere and narrative of the images. The simple representation of the objects in question ? such as the city gate, the hospital, the main square ? does not amount to perfect execution. Each frame requires a narrative that?s realistic and meaningful for the target audience, and to which they can relate. Only if we achieve this can we be satisfied with the result.


Location: Budapest - Hungary | Tasks: image film making | CG artist: János KISS | Date: 2011 |
We were contracted to design the corporate image of a hotel and restaurant under construction, as well as to make an image video for the communication of the building project. The visuals were the by-product of the image video, but they were very useful for the print publications of the company in the preliminary campaign, thereby shortening the growth phase for the hotel and restaurant.


Location: Budapest - Hungary | Designer: Korzó Stúdió | CG artist: János KISS | Date: 2008 |
Commissioned and supervised by Korzó Studio, we compiled and submitted an entry to the tender for the exterior design of Óbuda Main Square. We eventually won the tender. The basis for our design material was the images representing the unique architecture of the square and the stylized trees, almost in ??toon render? style, which looks artificial (like a cartoon) but can create a strong atmosphere. The visualization of the street lights at night added a particular feature to this design.


Client: Hungarian Football Association | CG artist: János KISS | Date: 2012 |
Our studio was contracted by MLSZ (Hungarian Football Association) to make the visuals for a series of standard plans for synthetic grass football pitches, which they included in the communication of their project tenders. We created three series of images for three different pitch sizes. Since the announcement of the MLSZ project was widely publicized, we received a lot of positive feedback on our design.


Location: Tiszakécske - Hungary | Client: Andritz Kft | Tasks: Sketch plan and 3D Visualisation | Designer: Csaba LIVJÁK | CG artist: János KISS | Date: 2011 |
We had 4 day to create this plan.