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Telenor Office Building Tender

Location: Budapest | Client: Telenor Hungary Zrt. | Tasks: Interior design | Designer: Csaba Livják, László András, Gabriella Madari, Gergely Soós | CG artist: János Kiss | Date: 2014 |


Location: Budapest | Tasks: Átrium tervezés | Designer: András László | Date: 2013 |
A West Point Irodaház aulaterének belsőépítészeti vázlattervét, látványtervét és kiviteli tervét készítettük el. Tervező: András Lászó


Location: Tiszakécske - Hungary | Client: Andritz Ltd | Tasks: Office building interior design | Designer: Csaba LIVJÁK | Date: 2012 |
After we had delivered the architectural blueprints of the Tiszakécske office building for Andritz Ltd., the company contracted us to make the interior design for the nearly 3000m2 floor space of the building. Our major challenge was again the tight schedule, as the building was structurally complete when we started to work on the interior design. Despite the short time we had, we managed to select all the furniture, floors, tiles, paints and lights within three weeks, and presented our concept in a detailed interior design plan documentation. The fact that there is hardly any difference between our visual plans and the photos of the actual interior shows that we succeeded in creating a viable plan. You can find more information on this project in our blog post entitled ?Reality vs. Visual Plans.?


Location: Budapest - Hungary | Client: Edenred Ltd | Tasks: Office building interior design | Designer: Csaba LIVJÁK, László ANDRÁS | Date: 2010 |
Our client commissioned us to make a space plan for his 900m2 office in Budapest in order to tailor office space to the company?s revised structure. At the same time, we were asked to redesign the interior to match the company?s new identity. On the basis of our plans, the nondescript and boring office was refurbished into a dynamic and ergonomically designed working space.


Location: Pirtó - Hungary | Client: TK Logisztika Ltd | Tasks: Office building and Production hall design | Designer: Csaba LIVJÁK | Date: 2011 |
Our client is a dynamically developing startup business. They contracted us with a complex set of tasks including designing corporate identity and architectural planning, so we had the opportunity to create comprehensive plans for the company?s logo, image, website, office, factory building and storage. As a result, we succeeded in harmonizing the various graphic and architectural elements into a coherent whole, so even outsiders who know only the logo of the company can recognize the business from its showroom or maybe even from its factory building.